Introducing AI to your daily workflow

You want to integrate AI in your company ?
You have issues identifying the best opportunities ?
You realize your IT team can't stay up to date with the latest technologies ?
You want to get ahead of the competition with the tools of tomorrow ?

Reach out and start you AI journey

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Artificial intelligence

We create and deploy machine learning models trained on structured and/or unstructured data (images, videos and text). Our Deep Learning algorithms are designed and trained on demand for each customer and evolve with human feedback, increasing performances naturally as they are used.

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Software development

Sagacify has a lot of experience in deploying its mission critical solutions in production, at our client premises or in the cloud. Our SLA guarantee that our solutions are safe, stable, and secure.

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Clever engineering

Even without a specific AI case in mind, or a clean/complete/labelled dataset available (or no data at all), it is possible to start a reflexion about integrating AI anyway. We have experience finding clever solutions to generate data from scratch or put AI in place in difficult situations.

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Modern technologies

With the speed of developments in AI from research and the open source community, it is very easy to be left behind. At Sagacify, we are passionate about technology and continuously read and practice to stay up to date.

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Proven track record

Many organisations struggle to implement AI solutions. Sagacify has a proven track record in integrating high quality IA solutions in companies, in the cloud or one premises. We think our solutions to provide value without disturbing your workflows.

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Co-creation for innovation

Innovation is in our DNA, and we have experience developing ideas into innovative solutions in close partnership with our customers. We look at your specific needs together and imagine AI-driven solutions to solve them. From ideation to production, we walk with you on the path to innovation.



We’ll give a short explanation about AI and how it can help companies, then identify the opportunities to implement AI in your organisation



We start a POC whose goal is to prove the potential of our solution, on your data.



We’ll integrate our solution into your company resulting in an entreprise ready AI solution in production, with life-cycle management and SLA.

Close collaboration
Fast delivery
Great performances

Get to know the experts

We are a close team of data scientists, software developers, project managers with a great passion for new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Once we start working on a project, we maintain a very close communication with our customers.

We are accessible, easy to reach, and eager to learn about your business.

Fast testing of moonshot ideas

An AI project doesn't have to start big to have a huge impact.
We help you design a POC sized to test your idea in the fastest and least expensive way.
We regularly assess the success chances of a project and are not afraid to pull the plug early to minimise costs if an idea is proved wrong.

R&D is in our DNA

Artificial Intelligence is an extremely fast moving domain.
We are closely following these innovations to stay on top of innovation.
We maintain close collaboration with universities in Belgium and we propose training periods, dissertation subjects, and deep learning lessons in some of those.