Empowering organisations with AI

Reach the next level of automation in your organisation

Automate repetitive tasks

Automating repetitive and mundane tasks that no longer require human-level cognition saves time and energy so that your company can focus on what matters. Work becomes easier, faster, and focused on more complex and client oriented tasks.

Are you still conducting tedious tasks that can be done by a machine ?

Augment people's expertise

Machines and men both have their strengths and their weaknesses. Complex patterns that are invisible to an expert might be detected by a machine, while an expert reacts better in unknown or complex cases. Man-machine collaboration brings the best out of both worlds and allows to solve tasks which were impossible before.

Are you looking for technologies that help you go beyond your expertise?

Challenge the status quo

Would you still light a room with a candle today? The arrival of new tools like AI does not only improve existing processes, it is also the opportunity to change the way we do things. Our Artificial Intelligence experts work in collaboration with our clients to identify what business problems can be solved by AI and walk with them on the path to innovation.

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We really appreciated working with Sagacify. Project deliveries were on time, communication was done directly with people in charge and the delivered solutions were perfectly adapted to fit Ethias' systems. Sagacify has proven to be focused on bringing high value for our company, which made us confident that we could trust them to help us make good long term decisions.

Sarah Al Azzeh Head of Intelligent Automation, Ethias

Sagacify and DAS had a successful collaboration with as goal the automatic classification and routing of inbound emails. The results show powerful statistics on the process and saves a lot of time for our collaborators that can now focus on more impactful tasks.

Xavier de Launois Chief Risk Officer, DAS

Sagacify delivered a Top market IT platform for BlueTrees that helps companies to optimize their leaders' and employees' remuneration. Sagacify's team are solution driven, creative, fast and reliable. We really consider Sagacify as a proactive partner in our growth.

Philippe Gusbin Managing Director, BlueTrees

Sagacify built an audience analytic application helping marketeers get insights about the audience and the channel offering, in an intuitive and interactive way. They proved a strong capability of managing complex systems (large amount of data, videos, ...) in production. The collaboration was qualitative and result-oriented along the whole project lifetime.

Julien Faucheux Head of Media Development, RTL