Agile, Efficient, Intelligent

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Competitive Intelligence

    It’s a tough order for companies to continuously monitor tech trends, and even harder to forecast disruptive innovations or emerging competitors. Sagacify’s competitive intelligence solutions enable analysts to monitor the open Web to spot and forecast tech trends and depict the competitive landscape so they can formulate proactive strategies to counter competition.

  • Landscaping and environment watch
  • Predictive Analytics

    We develop customised predictive applications for your organization to make it easier for you to decode and predict customer behaviour, so you can reduce churn and drive revenue with precision. Such applications also help with predicting sales, identifying trends, mapping products and segments.

  • Data enrichment
  • Recommendation System

    Our recommendation systems are designed to learn user interests in a system. Based on the collective behaviour of the user base, such systems can infer and predict user interests such as reading and buying on your web platform. This increases the personalisation of your application, making website visits more productive and engaging, creating user dependence, and giving them a reason to return, which increase your conversion rate significantly.

  • Search and discovery
  • Knowledge Management & E-Discovery

    Knowledge fuels business in organisations, making efficient knowledge management crucial to their day-to-day functioning. Sagacify takes knowledge management to the next level with its intelligent, semantic search engine, which makes information discovery faster and easier. It learns from user behaviour helping them unearth valuable resources in their organisation that might be of interest for them.

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  • HR analytics
  • HR Analytics

    Interactions on enterprise communication systems and social networks can say a lot about who knows what and who knows who in an organisation. Sagacify can analyse user interactions on social networks and other document repository systems to provide insights into overall people skills and knowledge in an organisation. HR managers are then able to discover the core competencies and knowledge experts of each department.