Want to create positive impact through AI?

Our vision

Founded a few years ago as one of the first AI companies in Belgium with a mission to improve the world around us. We are believers in automation and efficiency, and we see Artificial Intelligence as a toolbox that will allow us to automate more of the growing list of tasks that no longer require human-level cognition.

In our ideal world, much of the mundane and repetitive tasks that humans are responsible for today will be safely and effectively delegated to machines, leaving us humans with more time to imagine, create, and innovate.


Our culture

We are a passionate team of machine learning engineers, software developers, devops, business developers, or project managers.

At Sagacify you will find a startup environment with a great team spirit where you can bring ideas and take responsibilities in the areas you want to evolve in, regardless of your level of experience. We strive to work on innovative projects in a fun atmosphere, and remote work, flexible schedule or regular team events are part of our culture.

We are looking for skilled people and team players to join the adventure. Interested? Send an email, knock to our door or simply apply to our open positions below!

We're always interested in talking to talented people