Expert in Software Development & Data Science harnessing cutting-edge Technology

  • Mobile software development
  • Web Software Development

    Fast and super responsive web applications are a must if your company wants your application to stand out from the crowd. Sagacify’s web applications excel at providing you with unparalleled performance, user experience and interface - key technical elements that will drive your user attraction and retention.

  • Web software development
  • Mobile Software Development

    In today’s mobile-centric world, it makes sense more than ever for companies to create a product with a mobile-first strategy that adopts a multi-platform approach. You can trust the mobile specialists at Sagacify to help you set up your mobile strategy, build your native mobile applications, whilst keeping the price independent of the number of platforms.

  • Data science
  • Data Science

    Machine Learning is used to extract critical insights from your data, automate business processes and allows for faster decision making in your company.
    Natural Language Processing and Semantic Analysis enables computers to understand the meaning behind your complex, unstructured data which can help you make sense of your messy data.
    Our Data Visualization capabilities, deployed around your specific business needs, display all relevant information required for your activities, identify trends, inform management, and make data actionable to accelerate your decision-making.

  • Our Technology Stack

    Our enterprise-class infrastructure, combined with our open source technology stack and groundbreaking data science result in a high-performance, scalable and extremely reliable personalization platform, which maintains customer data privacy and security as paramount. This cutting-edge technology is faster, more cost effective, more accurate, and can account for the biggest of big data.

  • Technology stack