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Business news monitoring & Lead Generation


In today’s era of digital information exchanged at an unprecedented pace, it becomes harder and harder for sales, marketeers, relationship managers or traders to stay up to date on business information related to their portfolio. Business News are released every day on the Internet and represent a great deal of opportunities to learn new facts about companies’ activities, merging and acquisition, HR movements, investments, threats of competition, new technologies in their field, etc.

The problem is the volume and the quality of these news that are impossible to read, understand and filter in an acceptable timeframe for human being.

What if there was a system that could help get instant access to relevant business news and insights about businesses, automatically?


Sagacify built an advanced text analytics solution that automatically monitors and analyzes the world’s collective intelligence on the Internet. Users get notified whenever a relevant business news about a customer, prospect or the competition is being publish on Internet.

On a technical point of view, Sagacify uses machine learning and natural language processing to extract the right portion of the text on each web pages, extract mentions of companies and qualify the quality of the information. We set up a pipeline in the form of a set of micro-services to support the different steps involved in the process.

This solution lies at the intersection of advanced software development (big data processing pipeline & crawling system), machine learning and natural language processing to extract the right portions of text from articles and to identify and qualify the relevant information.

This enterprise ready solution is running in production at several of our customers, helping knowledge workers gain time and insights about their landscape, faster and automatically.

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