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Bonus compensation platform

Sagacify helps BlueTrees revolutionize their customer’s bonus compensation experience


BlueTrees has developed a product to help organisations fiscally optimise their human resources compensation and make it easy for employees to benefit from it.

To fulfil this objective, BlueTrees wanted to develop :

  • a software which could automate and optimize their back-office,
  • and a mobile app assisting employees in managing their compensation.


Sagacify partnered with BlueTrees to develop BlueOption, an end-to-end software solution to automate Stock Option Plans management and assist tens of thousands of employees, from small to large organisations across Belgium, to seamlessly manage their bonus compensation.

BlueOption helps BlueTrees drastically cut its running costs and win new markets thanks to its innovative and intuitive mobile app.

From a technical point of view, BlueOption is developed following the micro-services philosophy, ensuring reliance, robustness, scalability and easy maintenance. As we process critical and confidential information in the cloud, the system is also fail-safe and highly secure.

The intersection between Sagacify’s expertise in software engineering and BlueTree’s deep knowledge in fiscal optimisation has proven to be disruptive on the market.

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