Integrating AI into your daily workflow

Together with you, we help you discover and navigate all AI opportunities in your organisation and define an AI roadmap starting with the most valuable ones.

Artificial Intelligence algorithms, to deliver the most value, have to be thought (or trained) specifically on your data and designed to perfectly and seamlessly integrate your processes. Our team of ML engineers will then work with you to build your AI models, deploy them in your IT environment or in the cloud and let them grow.

Embark on the AI journey with us and let us help you succeed your next project!

Deep learning...

Deep learning really shines when it comes to dealing with unstructured data such as images, text, video or any other signals. It can tackle tasks that no longer require human-level cognition and that were until recently considered as science fiction.

...and beyond

Deep learning doesn't limit itself to supervised learning. Sagacify stays up to date with recent approaches like reinforcement learning (RL), transfer learning or generative adversarial networks (GANs), to name a few, that are offering new business opportunities that weren't possible a couple of years ago.

Computer vision

Benefit from the latest deep learning technologies to interpret and understand images and videos. We can help you with image classification, object recognition, image search, face identification and counterfeit detection to name a few.

Natural language processing

Language is the most complicated signal a machine has to deal with, because of its ambiguity and context. Luckily, recent deep learning technologies have given computers the power to deeply, precisely and subtly make sense of language. And the results are impressive!

Software development

Sagacify has a lot of experience in deploying its mission critical solutions in production, at our client premises or in the cloud. Our SLA guarantees safe, stable, and secure solutions.

Cloud computing

Focus on what matters in your business. Delegate to specialists the management of your databases, services and infrastructure for a fraction of the cost and with higher reliability. Get instant access to unlimited computing resources (useful for ML projects).



We organize a workshop for you where we touch on what AI really is and what it can and can't do for your business. Then, together with you, we identify all AI opportunities and rank them starting with the highest added value with the lowest risk.



We collaborate on a short proof of concept (PoC) project to prove the potential and ROI of an AI opportunity, applied on your data and processes.



Your dedicated AI system is deployed and integrated into your company to exploit its full potential. Your organisation now has a successful AI system running in production.

Close collaboration
Lean development

Get to know the experts

We are a close team of machine learning engineers, software developers and project managers with a passion for new technologies and artificial intelligence.

We believe that the greatest products are built at the intersection of fields and we find all of our collaborations with our customers enriching and fascinating.

Stay hungry, stay foolish but stay lean

An AI project doesn't have to start big to have a huge impact. In just a couple of months, we can de-risk a project and prove the return on investment (ROI) of an idea.

R&D is in our DNA

Artificial Intelligence is an extremely fast moving domain. Staying at the top of the field is challenging and requires constant research. This is one of the reasons why we maintain close relationships with Belgian universities. We teach machine learning and deep learning classes, provide training to business decision makers, we supervise student thesis and collaborate with teachers.